Fields, Woodland, Roads

Our Map Search service has been developed to provide customers with the facility to obtain official copies of Title Registers and Title Plans for properties and land without a postal address (such as fields, woodland, roads, barns, building plots and so on) and where the Title Number is not known.

Land Registry Title Registers and Title Plans reveal ownership information (including the name and address of the owners), mortgages, charges, boundaries, covenants, easements, maintenance liabilities, house prices and much more.

All orders are processed immediately upon receipt and the document(s) are issued within one hour by email.


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  • Enter a nearby address, town, city or postcode and press return.
  • Drag the marker over the approximate location and then zoom in. Carefully position the marker over the subject property or land. The latitude and longitude coordinates will automatically populate the relevant fields below - the coordinates will enable us to accurately identify the property or land. When you are happy with the marker position, complete the remaining fields and click on the Next Step button at the bottom of the form. Please note that you can change the view from Map to Satellite at any point during your search.
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By using our online portal, you will be able to obtain official copies of Land Registry Title Registers and Title Plans, Leases and Deeds, as well as many other conveyancing searches. We are not affiliated with the UK Government or Land Registries. Searches and documents which we provide are available from official sources at a lower fee, however, without the many benefits offered by our online portal.