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We are an independent company, which has a direct access link into the HM Land Registry’s records, and provide a Land Registry search service for conveyancing purposes. We are not affiliated or connected in any way with the UK Government. The documents that we provide are official copies as held at the Land Registry. We are not responsible for any errors contained within the documentation or information contained within it. The documentation is provided “as is”. Neither we nor any third party shall be liable to you or any third party for any loss or damage, direct, indirect or consequential, arising from (i) any inaccuracy or incompleteness in, or delays, interruptions, errors or omissions in the delivery of the data or any other information supplied to you through our services or (ii) any decision made or action taken by you or any third party in reliance upon the data. Neither we nor any third party shall be liable for loss of business revenues, lost profits or any punitive, indirect, consequential, special or similar damages whatsoever, whether in contract, tort or otherwise, even if advised of the possibility of such damages incurred by you or any third party. Any queries relating to the use of this information should be directed to copyright@landregistry.gov.uk.

The documentation and information is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws and all ownership rights remain with the information service provider or the third party or LandRegistrySearches.com, as the case may be. You may not copy, distribute, modify, reproduce, post, transmit or frame in this site including text, graphics, video, audio, software code, user interface design or logos without the prior written consent of LandRegistrySearches.com.

Transmission may be subject to arbitrary delays beyond our control, which may delay the provision of our services and the execution of your orders. You acknowledge that neither any information service provider, third party nor we will be liable to you or any third party for any losses arising from such delay.

Upon receipt of your order, a “Form Assistant” will check the details and contact you if we are unable to identify the property or land. When the property has been properly identified, we will undertake a search of the Land Registry records in order to establish whether the property is registered (i.e. has a Title Number assigned to it). If the property is registered (noting that the vast majority of properties are registered), we will obtain official copies of the Title Register and/or Title Plan (as held at the Land Registry) and issue the document(s) to you by email (or by post when necessary – see below) and in PDF format. The vast majority of orders that we receive are processed within 1 working hour (please note that our working hours are 8.00am – 10.00pm Monday to Friday and 9.00am – 5.30pm Saturdays and Sundays); during exceptionally busy periods the processing of orders may take longer. You are agreeing to pay LandRegistrySearches.com to carry out a search to establish whether the property is registered with the HM Land Registry and has a Title Number assigned to it and if it is registered, to obtain an official copy of the Register and/or Title Plan. Please note that in some cases, a search of the Index Map may be necessary in order to establish whether the property is registered; noting that an Index Map Search may take several days to conclude.

In the event that the documents are not available electronically (for instance when a property covers a large area of land, such as a farm estate, then it may not be possible to deliver a Title Plan to you electronically) they will, therefore, be posted to you; in such an event there may be a delay of several days (typically 3 working days) before you receive the document(s).

The Title Register should be read in conjunction with the Title Plan.

You agree to pay the fee for the service provided to you. All services must be paid for in advance and by credit/debit card. When you pay for the service it will be via Paypal payment card processing service.

LandRegistrySearches.com does not provide investment, tax and legal advice through this website.

You bear all risk from any use or results of using any information provided to you by LandRegistrySearches.com. You are responsible for validating the integrity of any information received over the Internet. We are not responsible for any damage to your computer, software, modem, telephone or other property resulting from your use of our services.

We are a legitimate UK registered company (Online Searches Limited), trading online as LandRegistrySearches.com and as such these Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales. Our Companies House registration number is 06330282 and our registered office address is 18 Northumberland Close, Darwen, Lancashire, BB3 2TN.

By using our service, you will also be bound, in so far as they apply, by:

  • HM Land Registry’s (England and Wales) Portal Conditions of Use; for more information, click here
  • The Registers of Scotland Terms & Conditions; for more information, click here
  • LandWeb Direct (Northern Ireland) Terms & Condition; for more information, click here
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Privacy Policy

In providing our service, you may be asked to provide Personal Information through online forms, e-mail, payment processing and/or other means of communication. We do not share this information with any third parties. We do not sell, trade, or rent your (nor your business) Personal Information to others. Any information that we obtain from you will be used lawfully and in strict accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

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Refund Policy

If it is established that the property is not registered with the Land Registry you will not be entitled to a full refund as we will have incurred costs, such as Index Map Search fees, with the Land Registry. You are agreeing to pay LandRegistrySearches.com to carry out a search to establish whether the property subject to your enquiry/order is registered with the Land Registry; the official copy Register and/or Title Plan will only be provided as part of our service when we have establish that the property is registered. When refunds are agreed, any charges that we have incurred will be deducted from the amount to the refunded.

Distance Selling Regulations

You have a right to cancel within 7 working days under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000, as amended.

Please note this does not apply if our service has been provided within 7 working days of the contract being concluded. In these circumstances, your cancellation rights will end on the day our service begins.


In the event that you have any concerns or complaints regarding our service then please email complaints@LandRegistrySearches.com. We take all concerns and complaints seriously and will make every effort to resolve them to your complete satisfaction.