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Obtain title documents referred to in the Title Register, such as Leases, Transfers, Conveyances, Deeds and Charges by completing the order form below.

The Lease is a contractual agreement between a leaseholder and a freeholder of a property. Most flats are leasehold properties. Typically, the freeholder retains ownership of the building and the ground the property is built on. The Lease is normally a lengthy document and sets out the ground rent and if or when it may be increased, any service and/or maintenance charges, whether or not you must obtain permission from the freeholder to make any alterations to the property, who is responsible for maintenance and repairs on the property, and any other issues such as letting the property or rules on how you can use the property.

Transfers, Conveyances, Deeds of Easements, and Charges can also be ordered using the form below. These documents can provide valuable information on matters relating to rights of access, rights of drainage and other easements, boundaries, mortgages and covenants.

When completing the order form, please provide us with the name of the document (i.e. “Lease”, “Transfer”, “Conveyance”, “Deed”, “Charge”) and it’s date (if known).

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